Call in Work Allies

Right Partners, Right Community, Right Team

Are you ready to take the first step towards hooking up with allies, teammates, and those who want what you have to offer? Watch the Calling in Your Allies video here as a first step to clarify what you want in an ally and establish the conditions for becoming a good partner yourself.

Imagine teammates, clients, and resource providers who are ready to go the next step with you. Some will be long-term companions. Others will be short-term companions. You have an exceptional capacity to attract the right partners and support.

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Join us today and begin to attract the right partners and support


My name is Sophia McCoy

I assist entrepreneurs, non-profit leaders, and project initiators to create and expand a team and get it running toward their most audacious goals. Through Moving Intentions, I take a leader’s aptitude for creating vision into an ability to see it realized. Most significantly, this same process supports your group members to work on a project together.