The Four Doors to Power

Visionary leaders, teams, and volunteers–reclaim the power of true intention and join with others for their most audacious goals. We can vision by ourselves. We usually, however, need to work in groups to accomplish goals that are important to us. In my recent organizing work here in Eugene, I have used the Trident Power Exercise to open the Four Doors to Power. They are equally effective for your personal intentions and for your group intention.


  1. INTENTION is a purpose you desire to experience. You can create individual and group intentions.

  2. LISTENING to both oneself and others creates clarity and connectedness.

  3. ACTION defines who will do what, when, where, and how.

  4. HEART describes the assumption that we are interdependent with other people, communities, and our environment.

You can enter these 4 doors to power through the Trident Power Exercise, a physical exercise related to your intention. It is the cornerstone for the Moving Into Your Power Series©️. One of the Trident Power Exercise’s special qualities is that you can develop a simple culture for respecting individual intentions while holding meaningful and practical group intentions.

By entering the 4 doors to power through the Trident Power Exercise, you  are likely to:

  • Become more focused on your intention

  • Reduce stress

  • Lay a foundation for additional skills to implement your vision

  • Find more enjoyment in your results

The Trident Power Exercise is a process that you can share with other leaders and team members in your organization. You can share this process with volunteers. At Moving Intentions, we support organizations that depend on teams and volunteers to change the world at every layer.

If you want to activate your personal intention right away, click here to watch the Trident Power Exercise video.