Has your vision become a to-do list?

Learn 4 steps you can take to act with clarity and true power to implement your vision, working with the resources you have and attracting the ones that you need. In this exercise,
you will:

  • Know, feel and commit to your personal intention.

  • Relax and reduce stress

  • See your work in the context of bigger, meaningful stories.

How to Start? The best way to begin is to invite Dr. Sophia to give a 1½ hour live presentation to your group. For a more in-depth experience with writing your intention, learning the exercise, and debriefing the results, a 4-hour workshop is recommended. If these are not available to you, the Trident Exercise teaches the exercise and background story on its origins. The exercise provides an excellent practice session to work with as you are learning the exercise. Click here to watch The Trident Exercise video.

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