Why MOVING Intentions?
Bring Your Body to Work

Why call this approach MOVING Intentions®? Do you bring your body to work?

Do you care so much about your work that your shoulder or stomach is in knots? Your jaw is locked?

Your body is talking to you. Please listen. Here at Moving Intentions, we want you to feel not only more energy in your body, but the right kind of energy to do the work you care about. Moving Intentions is all about re-building the link between your body and your intentions so that you use your time better, make good decisions, and uplift the efforts of your co-workers.


Meet Frazier doing “Intention Posture”

One of the basic ways we do this is through an embodied view of power that even a child can respond to. In the photo, my grandson Frazier remembers a posture that symbolizes “Intention” in the Trident Power Exercise to Activate Your Intention. In this exercise, individuals recite their intention a number of times while holding a posture that symbolizes one of 4 aspects of power. Our logo is of the human body with arms raised in a posture that symbolizes “intention” like you see Frazier doing in this picture.

Should we in the work place be deprived of the wisdom of the body as we implement our intentions? Ancient cultures from classical Indian stories to Cicero’s teachings during the classical Roman times understood the power of symbolic movement to affect the mind. Current research on the mind/body/heart relationships in fields of psychology, biology, and physics demonstrate their interdependence.¹ In fact, the wisdom of the body may be the cutting edge for addressing issues that are simply too complex for our old routines.

Why is this work called Moving Intentions, rather than Implementing Intentions? Because we experience intentions through our bodies. All of the Moving Intentions work honors the fact that we have a human body that can see, hear, taste, touch, smell, and move. With a little practice, you can access your inner senses too. You can see an apple with your eyes closed or imagine running without leaving your seat. When it is time for ACTION, your body is primed for the right kind of action.

As a visionary leader, you have the capacity for imagining how some part of your world could be more pleasing. Moving Intentions offers processes to embody and implement your intention and, thereby, come closer to creating the world you imagine. You bring your specific intentions, project, and situation.

To experience right away what we mean by embodying the power of your intention, you can click here to watch the full Trident Exercise video. Contact Sophia for opportunities for individual or group work.

¹Lynne McTaggart. The Field. New York: Harper Collins, 2008, 2002.