Are you tired of reacting to crises, instead of feeling momentum with your goals?

When was the last time you checked-in with your true intention (purpose for action) for your project?

Here’s a method for getting started on writing an intention that will focus you, increase your magnetism, and bring you closer to realizing your intention. An intention is a purpose you want to experience or create.

There are lots of reasons for writing an intention–tuning into the power of your desire, reflecting on core values, getting real with your next steps, attracting people to work with you. Writing an intention is also the beginning step in a powerful process for committing to your intention and receiving the support you need. That process is the Trident Power Exercise for Activating Your Intention. 


Here are 3 of the 6 steps that I regularly offer for writing your intention.

  1. Sit quietly. To access your deeper desires, breathe into your belly. No wonder people say, “Listen to your gut.”

  2. Select a purpose you want to act on. Don’t sweat too much over your choice. You can always try another one. Once you get the hang of this, intentions will come calling on you.

  3. Write the intention on a piece of paper or a note card. For now, shorter is better.

    1. Example of a general intention: Our volunteer culture attracts people with developing skill, gusto, and flexibility, who fulfill both our needs and their needs.

    2. Example of a more specific intention: I have scheduled 7 interviews with potential volunteers who can each give from 2-4 hours per week.

    3. Different conditions may guide whether to be general or specific.

These 3 steps are enough to write an intention that can be used in the Trident Power Exercise. Just writing an intention sharpens your attention to information and contacts that might be related to your purpose.