Doug Banner

“The Calling in Your Allies” exercise is about being willing to dance with uncertainty and surrendering the ego to the will of the work. To hold a clear and unwavering vision and to trust that the Universe will send that person, or those people, who will aid us on the path to realizing that vision. So long as we remain awake the new allies have been, literally, stepping into our path.”


Skye Burn

“Our intention was to attract a team member with the spirit of entrepreneurship. “The Calling in Your Allies” exercise was one of those moments when our intention came alive in a certain way. Our organization now has an entrepreneurial ally who joined our board as president.”

Co-Founder of the Flow Project, wrote this shortly after her first experience with the exercise.


Julia Hanfling

“Sophia McCoy developed a private 1-day leadership consult for me using the Moving Intentions practices to access my inner strength and clarity to move forward with my next professional challenges. Within days, I saw direct benefit in locating a new office within a professional group and developing a better system for scheduling patients. I would highly recommend using the Moving Intentions program to project leaders and groups who are ready to move forward from a place of inspiration combined with a commitment to purposeful action.”


Lisa Weinberg

“I’ve had the good fortune to journey with Sophia in San Pedro la Laguna on Lake Atitlan on two occasions. Her spirited engagement with this magical place and its people enriched my own experience, facilitating added insight and inspiration.”


Amrita Khalsa

“I watched the Trident DVD. It is absolutely BEAUTIFUL. You have an elegance, a depth, and a whole body of wisdom around our relationship with power. True power, which is through us not made by us. And which is in balance with our connection with all life around us.”

“For leaders who are motivated by creating positive social or environmental transformation, issues of power and personal capacity to lead impact must be addressed. Sophia’s work brings together ancient shamanic wisdom traditions with a modern understanding of group dynamics and collaborative change-making. With utmost integrity, she provides tools that assist you to align with your inner guidance and bring it through to action. She teaches that true power happens “through us” (in connection with all life), not “by us.” I highly recommend the Moving Intentions work to keep you aligned with your mission, collaborating with your allies, and moving forward informed by the source of life within us all.”