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“Meet Mayan School and Programs in San Pedro La Laguna, Lake Atitlán, Guatemala”

Since 2016, I have been focused on building community and country here in the United States. But I have not forgotten friends at the Taa Pit school in Guatemala who are building community and country from their home. I, Sophia, first met these folks in 2012 on a delegation with the Compassionate Listening Project. I’ve returned independently and with Friends of Taa Pit 5 times, most recently in 2019. These Mayans continue to be some of the most inspiring people I know.

Here is an update on what the school, Taa Pit, is doing now. What we do to serve them makes our world in the North a safer and saner place.


    With recent funding from Seattle’s Pangea Foundation, Taa Pit is creating a cooking school to teach Mayan and Guatemalan dishes using traditional organic ingredients supplied by local small farmers. Workshops for 20 families on nutritious Mayan food preparation will also cover food business education and finance so that these families will be able to produce meals and food products for sale from home. James and I are adding our support to this program. Local community food has been a passion of mine for years.


    Another dream came true for Taa Pit when they were able to relocate (thanks to the commitment of 3 years rent from an anonymous donor). They now have a large, covered outdoor class space as well as a garden area.


    Taa Pit attracted the attention of Swiss friend Louis who spent several weeks “playing” with students and staff to expand abilities to think creatively and learn through play. Louis and friends donated a large box full of quality creative “toys.

Mothers and students meet for introduction to cooking program.

Mothers and students meet for introduction to cooking program.

Students learn creative play with Louis.

Students learn creative play with Louis.

These are just a few of the beautiful stories of how Taa Pit has grown and developed the quality of education they offer to students.

COMMUNITY LEADERS. It is equally important to know that the leadership of Taa Pit is playing a significant activist role in the challenges they face in their community, especially for Qa Te Ya, Our Mother Lake.

To learn more or donate, contact Nancy Lynn McCoy at centrotaapit@gmail.com. She can help with tax deductible donations as well.

I’ve had the good fortune to journey with Sophia in San Pedro la Laguna on Lake Atitlan on two occasions. Her spirited engagement with this magical place and its people enriched my own experience, facilitating added insight and inspiration.
— Lisa Weinberg, Co-Founder, Friends of Taa Pit.

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